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Mr. Russ Bergerson » Welcome to Mr. Bergerson's Math page.

Welcome to Mr. Bergerson's Math page.

Helpful math websites

For most any topic in Math (and a few Science subjects) try:


For math practice try:


For flash cards try multiplication level 3 at:


For math practice using games try:




 Come prepared for class - Bring textbook, notebooks and folder each day.

Sharpen pencils before class begins. (Math assignments should to be done in pencil.)

Notes and assignments should be in separate notebooks or separate sections of a binder. (Keep class notes in one area and in order.)

Please put math class name and your name on all assignments.

Scientific calculator recommended. (Suggestions: Casio FX-115MS, Casio FX-300MS or TI-30ZIIS)


Class Time Rules/Procedures

Relevant questions are asked in class, simply raise your hand and wait to be recognized.

Please remain seated and do not talk during the lesson.

Assignments are given almost daily.

Time will almost always be provided in class to start or complete the assignment.

Starting the assignment in class is part of the lesson and is required.

Completed homework is almost always due the next school day.

Do not mark in books. Book covers will count as extra credit each quarter.

Make restroom & locker stops before class.

Please use waste basket after class to avoid disruptions.

Never throw or toss any objects in class.



Excused – Students have two days for each day absent to make up work for full credit.

Unexcused – Zero credit.


Late Work/Redoes

Late work and redoes will receive a maximum score of 70% and will be accepted until the chapter test is given. Doing work carefully and on time is your best option.


Grade Weights

Summative Assessments 60% / Formative Work 40%

Corrective summative assessments will be offered according to the guidelines in the student handbook during advisory, class or after school.



Grades and comments are available 24/7 online and can be accessed on Lincoln’s home page under family access.

School grades are:

100       A+

97-99    A

94-96    A-

92-93    B+

89-91    B

87-88    B-

85-86    C+

82-84    C

80-81    C-

78-79    D+

76-77    D

75         D-

0-74      F



Prerequisite: Math 8

The first year of Algebra covers variables, equations and problem solving using transformations.  Students will graph and solve linear systems of equations and inequalities in two variables.  Exponents are covered and polynomials, if time permits.




Prerequisite: Algebra I with grade of C (82) or higher. 

Geometry is a branch of mathematics dealing with flat surfaces (plane geometry) and three- dimensional objects (solid geometry).  Surfaces and objects are studied using relationships with points, lines and angles.  Definitions, postulates and theorems are used to develop deductive proofs.  Other topics include: area, volume, right triangle trigonometry and constructions.

Memorizing definitions and theorems is essential for success in this class.  They teach facts about points, segments, rays, lines, planes and polygons and are used to build logical/complete proofs.



Year­long course 1 Credit Grades 9­-12 Prerequisite: Algebra I

Algebra II is a branch of mathematics dealing with advanced topics in algebra.


Topics covered include:  Expressions, Equations, Inequalities, Functions, Graphs, Linear Systems, Quadratic Functions, Polynomials, Radical Functions, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions & Rational Functions. If time permits, topics from Sequences & Series, Conic Sections, Probability & Stats, Matrices, Periodic Functions and Trigonometry may also be covered.


This course is recommended for all students interested in physical science courses, namely Chemistry and Physics.



Juniors and seniors may elect to take this class, which will cover topics such as: banking, budgeting, loans, insurance, investments, commodity, purchasing, family oriented math and mathematics professions.

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